DVT is among the show where unpredictable hemorheology and you can viscosity induce ischemia and you will anoxia out-of body organs (11–13)

DVT is among the show where unpredictable hemorheology and you can viscosity induce ischemia and you will anoxia out-of body organs (11–13)


Thrombus is caused by bloodstream solidification and you will unusual viscosity due to barriers impacting its fluidity; that it causes the forming of thrombocytes and you may activation off blood coagulation foundation (8–10). For this reason, correcting blood viscosity and you can improving blood coagulation mode indexes has an enthusiastic very important role regarding the protection and you can therapy of DVT.

All of our study showed that to have 3 days and 10 months immediately following DVT acting, hemorheology and you can coagulation spiders were an educated in the highest-dosage folic acid and you can nutritional B12 classification. Specific account provides proposed one to Hcy is actually an excellent blood clots-forming broker, and you may high Hcy you can expect to create deep venous thrombosis (14–17). As well, plasma D-dimer has been proposed having good forewarning form to have thrombus and you will hypercoagulable condition (18,19). 10 weeks immediately after DVT modeling, we learned that the amount away from Hcy and you can D-dimer enhanced the quintessential on the higher-dose classification.

Using histopathologic test, we learned that ten months shortly after DVT acting brand new large-serving and you can lower-dose communities demonstrated high improvement in the change off all the way down extremity deep venous thrombosis. Strong venous thrombosis from lower extremity that have color Doppler ultrasound analysis has some advantages, for example simple process, security and you can high efficiency, inexpensive, repeatability and direct observance, and also the recognition away from relevant sores and you may bleeding features as much as blood vessels (20). Our show in addition to revealed that just after DVT modeling http://datingranking.net/xpress-review, this new energetic rates out-of lower extremity strong venous thrombosis treatments for high-dosage group is actually one hundred%. The outcome of colour Doppler ultrasound diagnosis out of DVT corresponded in order to the results from inside the histopathologic test. This validated the feasibility and you will energy efficient out-of color Doppler ultrasound diagnosis to own deep venous thrombosis of the straight down extremity.

In the sumin B12 enjoys obvious healing outcomes into the a bunny design from DVT which have hyperhomocysteinemia. The fresh highest-dosage we experimented with increased some related periods, like the degrees of Hcy and you can D-dimer, hemorheology, coagulation form, and you may vein pathology. Full, this research secure the the means to access higher dosage regarding folic acid and you can supplement B12 to treat DVT.


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