There are lots of clients from the look hospital so you can exactly who i normally chat frankly about this strategy

There are lots of clients from the look hospital so you can exactly who i normally chat frankly about this strategy

Whatever you do would be to ensure that our research customers “entertain” on their own drawing signs of its hopes and dreams in full the color, appreciating them just before each goes to sleep, and you may paying attention to the songs tapes from Mozart otherwise Learn Ludwig von Fu-Man-Chu (roaring laughs). We perform a little eagerly about it, and, when they are cured, it tell anybody else regarding their “secret”! The audience is event fanta stic recommendations and you may feedback. We are plus tinkering with monotonic harmonics, otherwise unmarried frequencies, which may be disguised just like the “record audio”. Extremely brilliant, ya? Any questions?

Dr. R: Are you exploring the applying of magnetic industries right to the fresh mind having triggering mind hyperfunctions, eg triggered clairvoyant energies, astral phenomena and time travelling, along with recuperation? Dr.C: Absolutely! We all know regulators companies was undertaking that for many years, however, we do have totally different desires. Needless to say, we all have been limited by the new tight statutes of the Buy out of sheer non-interference. We can’t even help our own family unle ss they want to-be helped. Consider, out Oath off Privacy try absolute! Alateia Gnosis! (26)

One “pets investment” you will find is to try to help our very own young ones become “deprogrammed” on impacts off universities, Television and broadcast mass media, videogames, etcetera. I do that of the inducing invention included to produce their individual symbols and you may mandalas of the to tackle the songs while they are hitting the hay. I’ve four college students – around three out of pri sure most of you may have students also, and this is generally of benefit to our very own sisters. However, brand new magnetic career browse need most unique helmets, and this The woman r Dr.Grams is strengthening for people. We just have one to now, and we you desire at the least a couple of way more. All of our efficiency cannot be discussed at this point. History concern?

Thanks a lot

Dr.E: What do you think about virtual facts helmets? Exactly what do you consider digital fact given that an appearing tech?

Dr.C: Ya! Excellent concern. Yes, i’ve investigated they. You to imaginary space remains very, most far from searching “real”. Additionally, it influences your mind and you can psyche most adversely. Avoid they. I notice it is actually lunchtime! Instinct!

one in deference so you’re able to authorities mandated electronic changing out-of brainwaves, because they require the actual only real online game in the city. As well crappy new NWO cannot comprehend it will be the supply of its undoing. When the products was closed and individuals conscious . waiting and discover.

2 Possibly one more reason that these agencies failed to eg “Pandora’s Package”, because provided aside information about the latest remote transceivers inside television sets and other study.

step 3 Notice: The fresh recent linkup away from McCaw Mobile, ATT, Disney (that is delving toward digital truth instructional methods), Microsoft, brand new “advice roadway”, and you will classified improvements inside fake intelligence, nanotechnology, bioelectronics, hyperfield elec tronics and you can implant tech all of the indicate good concerted work contained in this recommendations. Over the years, this procedure was an off-business one that ‘s been around to have millions of many years. Folks access Sector nine Hubbardian material learn.

5 Which really truth is examined inside light out of the publication Celestine Prophecies, because those mixed up in NWO Mind Handle and you will Control system need certainly to occur because “times vampires”, since they are not able to draw times from the Common Origin and are generally securely rooted during the pride aggrandizement, fuel and handle in an effort to maintain a beneficial parasitic “symbiosis” towards the size inhabitants, whom they examine because the that have Dasein ohne Leben, existance rather than lives. Extension regarding WWII Nazi Germany, etc.


7 If this sounds like done, it’s going to be performed really precisely, as the specific gizmos that are sold are by themselves made to “sensitize” South Bend eros escort brand new unknowing to existing otherwise planned electromagnetic and you may scalar protocols. Far better follow inner methods entirely , anyone.





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